Product Recommendations

Please note, I don't receive commission for listing these products, these are all things I use and buy for the cats.  This is an ongoing list, and will be added to accordingly. 

Brit Pet litter tray - XL sieve Maxi tray  - Use "NC133" for a discount on your order!

Chow Bella Cat saucers - These are fantastic to help prevent whisker fatigue that some cat bowls can cause.

Sophisticated Scratch posts - mention "Middymaines" for 10% off your order!

Raw 4 all - Day old chicks and whole prey

Eden Cat food - samples of this are given in my kitten packs along with a discount voucher.

Prodog Raw 80/10/10 - this is the best commercial raw I've tried for quality:price ratio.

Zooplus - Best place to bulk buy cat treats such as Dokas and Rocco Chings, along with Cosma snackies!