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 In my cattery, I only have queens; I use external studs, all of whom are registered as Active with the GCCF, health tested for HCM, SMA, PK-Def and Fiv/Felv. I have all paperwork to prove for each stud I use, so please don’t hesitate to ask to see it! I also have plenty of pictures of each stud, which are shown to interested families.  I have chosen to not have a stud cat (at least for the time being) because I can't give him the amount of females needed to keep him happy, and studding out a male is a whole other level of breeding, that for me would take it beyond a hobby.


Retired Queen, Classic brown tabby.

Registered name: Thaipaws cherryblossom. GCCF registered active but now spayed and living her best retirement life.

Lina has had three litters, all with the same stud, Harry. They produced some incredible kittens, and I am so proud of how she was as a mum, very laid back, calm, relaxed. She is an incredibly affectionate, but shyer girl. Lina will wander around the house with a toy in her mouth, dropping it at our feet, meowing at how pleased she is with herself for presenting such a wonderful gift! Lina was my first Queen, and so will always have a special place in my heart.

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Retired Queen, Red silver tabby.

Registered name: Darkcrystal Fireopal. GCCF registered active, but now spayed and living her best retirement life. HCM, SMA, PK-Def and Fiv/Felv clear.

Evvie has had three litters with two different studs, and proved herself to be a perfect mummy. She is incredibly feisty, and will wail and meow at you until you give in and fuss her. She adores attention on her terms, and loves nothing more than to snuggle up in a warm spot by the fire. She adores her ears being scratched and loves a naughty saucer of milk for a treat and freshly grown cat grass! 

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Registered name: Middymaines Watermelon Heaven - Daughter of Evvie, left.

Black Tortie. GCCF registered Active. Carrier of dilute. HCM, SMA, PK-Def and Fiv/Felv clear. 

Poppy is an incredibly affectionate mummy’s girl. If she’s not sat on me, she’s following me around the house no matter what I’m doing. She adores sitting on shoulders and being walked around the house from her elevated height!

Poppy had three kittens for her first litter, a girl, who we kept, and two boys who went to their forever home together. Poppy is an incredible mummy, so very attentive, loving and gentle. Poppy had 5 babies in her second litter, born in February and are now in their forever homes.

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Cleo is 3, she will turn 4 in November 2024.  Cleo is a joy to have around the house, she is playful, full of life but also very sweet and prefers to be near to you but not on you, usually laying on the back of the sofa, just behind our heads! If she can’t see you, she will wander around the house chirping and meowing until she can find you! Cleo is also a BIG fan of whole prey!

Registered name: Middymaines Aki Momiji, daughter of Lina, above.

Black silver Tortie tabby. Carrier of dilutes. GCCF registered Active. HCM, SMA, PK-Def and Fiv/Felv clear.

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Ziggy is the daughter of Evvie, above, and therefore half sister to Poppy. She is also half sister to Cleo, sharing Harry as her dad!

She adores climbing curtains, chasing anything with a bell or feather, and just like Poppy, adores to be sat as close to you as possible! Ziggy is due her litter at the end of May 2024.

 Ziggy is a Cream silver mackerel tabby.

 Carrier of dilutes. GCCF registered Active. HCM, SMA, PK-Def and Fiv/Felv clear.

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Pistachio is the youngest Middymaine, having just turned two! She is a whirlwind and hilarious to boot. She is best friends with Cleo and Ziggy when she comes to stay, the house is bonkers when they're all together!

She plays and plays and plays until she's absolutely exhausted, then, and only then, will she settle for a snuggle. 'Stache, or Pistache Mustache as she's known at home, is the daughter of Poppy, above.

Pistachio has had one gorgeous litter to Dougal, a black smoke and white. This mating will be repeated a the end of 2024.

Black with White.  Carrier of dilutes. GCCF registered Active. HCM, SMA, PK-Def and Fiv/Felv clear.

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