2024 Breeding Plans

As much as we can, we plan. Although saying that, we are wholly reliant on Mother Nature in terms of when queens come into heat, the success of any mating, the number of kittens in a litter, and the sex and colours of kittens within those litters.

If you have a sex or colour in mind, please let me know when enquiring, although it would be great if an open mind could be kept, just in case Mother Nature doesn’t oblige!

We will never charge for joining the waiting list for a kitten, and totally understand if you have other breeders you’re in contact with/on waiting lists with. If you could just let us know if you get a kitten from elsewhere, so we can keep our lists up to date.


Poppy will be going to stud on her next call (updated end of May 2024)


Cleo has given birth to two beauties at the end of March 2024. She will now have a rest until next year.

Ziggy and Dougal

Ziggy has been for a sleepover with the wonderful Dougal, owned by Leanne at Orrono Maine Coons, and she is due at the end of May 2024. Please contact me via the form for enquiries on this litter. 


Pistachio will hopefully be going to see Dougal in the Autumn.