About Us

 Hi! Welcome to Middymaines! I am a GCCF registered hobby breeder of Maine Coon cats in the heart of Derbyshire, close to Matlock. I am a GCCF breeder scheme member, and a member of the Maine Coon Cat Club.

My cats are my world, and they and their kittens want for nothing! No expense (time or financial) is spared making sure that the kittens I breed are robust, healthy, well socialised, good-natured and happy.

My partner and stepchildren ensure the house is kept busy, perfect for raising kittens that will fit into forever homes with a well-rounded personality that is playful, gentle, adventurous and loving.

I work mostly from home, and my partner works on site on the land on which we live, so my cats are used to near constant socialisation with humans, and this shows in the kittens we breed.

My kittens are raised for the first three weeks of their lives in my bedroom, before moving down to a kitten pen in the heart of the family home, where they are gradually introduced to the sights and smells and noises of the house. By the time they are 8 or so weeks old, they then have the free run of the house, with the other cats.

I welcome kitten enquiries, please get in touch using the form on the Kitten Information page.