Kitten Information

My kittens are part of my family. I am onhand for their birth, and each and every step of the way until they leave for their new forever homes. My cats are my world, not just my pets. My retired girls won't ever leave for a new home once they've finished their breeding, they will stay with me to live their best life. This means I am very invested in where my kittens go. I welcome all enquiries, but please be prepared to have a thorough conversation with me regarding the home you can offer. I do not allow a cat to go to a free-roaming home. You must therefore have a secure (with protect-a-pet fencing, or similar) garden, catio, or keep to an indoor home. I do encourage harness training, and I have many a kitten go on adventures just like the family dog would!

I would love to keep contact and have updates and pictures of the kitten as it grows, although this is not a steadfast requirement. I am proud to say I have a large number of friendships with owners, which makes me so very happy! You can never send me too many pictures, I love seeing my babies grow!

All of my kittens:

Will be at at least 13 weeks old when they leave for their new homes.

Are always GCCF registered non active, for pet only homes.

Are fully vaccinated.

Are fully litter trained.

Are desensitised to regular household noises, as they live in the centre of the family home.

Are weaned onto raw food and whole prey.

Are insured for 5 weeks with Agria.

Are wormed at regular intervals, and a worming schedule will be also given.

Will be microchipped and the details transferred into the new owners names.

Have a 5 generation pedigree showing lineage of the kitten.

Have a contract of sale signed by both the breeder and the new owners, which details rights and requirements.

Leave with an extensive kitten pack.

And most importantly, all kittens have a lifetime of support from myself.

If for any reason in the future a family's circumstances change and they can no longer offer my kittens the home they deserve (and please note, there will be zero judgement from myself, as I know unexpected changes happen and are often out of control), I would ask the cat was returned to me rather than being sold on. This is a stipulation in the sales contract.

Viewings and Reservations

I don't take physical viewings or reservations of kittens until 9 weeks old, once they have had their first vaccination. I will ask that you, where possible, come to visit; I do understand this isn't always possible however, especially if you live far away from us. In that instance, several video calls will be done in lieu of a physical visit. This is so you can see us, our home, the cats and kittens in their home environment. If you are happy with our home, with us, and the cats and kittens, then you are welcome to reserve the kitten/s of your choice with a non-refundable deposit. A deposit and balance receipt will be included in your paperwork. I do not charge different prices for different colours or sexes of kittens. 

Upon arrival at home

I give my all to my kittens, I raise them in the centre of a busy household, raised with the other cats, children and other adults. I try to desensitise my kittens to regular noises they will experience in their new homes, such as the washing machine, kettle, vacuum cleaners, TV, music, hairdryer, etc. My kittens are also (depending on their time of year of birth) used to the log stove burning daily. I work hard with my babies to ensure they are as socialised and well-rounded as possible, so that they fit into their new home with ease, allowing a fluid transition between homes. This will ensure all you have to do is continue to love them as I have!

I encourage the continuation of raw feeding, as I believe this is best for cats, but this is an encouragement, not a requirement, and I can advise on changes, if they're wanted.

No question or query is insignificant, I will always be on hand via phone, text, email, to answer any worries or questions, no matter how small you feel they may be. Picking up a kitten is an exciting time, and it's understandable that some questions get forgotten until you're home!

I would hope that my owners would always come back to me for any issues, worries or concerns, so that a solution can be sought together.